About Us

We are a small coupon hunting team dedicated to providing you with the best coupons for every store, faster than anyone else. No hidden cookies, sneaky redirects or cheeky affiliate links. No pop-ups, no harassing you for your email address so we can spam you and sell your personal details at every opportunity. No compromising on quality.

So how do you make money?

We don’t. Thanks to rapidly dropping hosting and cloud computing costs we are running the site on a shoestring out of the goodness of our own hearts.

Is this sustainable?

Unlikely. As the site grows and we have more traffic and more coupons for more stores (over 10,000 already!) then we may have to rethink our strategy.

Where do the coupons come from?

Our algorithms pluck them directly out of the ether, fresh and ripe for the savings.

How much does it cost?

For you? Nothing. For everyone else? Also nothing.